Place Symbols in Your Drawings

Here's a sample Broadway theater lighting plan by Ted Mather that uses symbols heavily.

Working with symbols could not be easier. To create a symbol, you select the objects in the drawing, copy them to the clipboard, open a new Symbol library file and choose Paste.

A symbol library file, in this case a theatre lighting library by Ted Mather

Symbol Tool
When a symbol file is open, you can place the currently selected symbol in the drawing by simply clicking where you want to place the symbol.

Symbol Palette
The Symbol palette will change the way you work with symbols. This unobtrusive ribbon strip floats on top of your drawing and can be resized horizontally to show as many symbols as your monitor allows.

To use the Symbol palette, you drag the symbols out into the drawing

The thumbnail pictorial of the symbol is always visible and ready to use. Just drag and drop for instant placement.

Symbol Report
With the Symbol Report, you can generate a list of all symbols in a drawing, along with the count, and other attached information--all in tab delimited text format for ease in exporting to other spreadsheet or database packages. You can even globally replace symbols.


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