Q: Does PowerCADD run on Mojave Operating System?

A: In order to run on Mojave, you must have PowerCADD 9.1.8 or higher.  If you are operating with earlier versions of PowerCADD 9, you can download here: PowerCADD Update.  If you are operating with version prior to PowerCADD 9, you must upgrade for compatibility.  Upgrades can be ordered from our Store.



Q: Our office is running a combinations of Operating Systems, from OS10.6.8 through OS10.14.6 and PowerCADD 9.  Which version of PC9 should we be running for systems earlier than 10.9?

A: You should all be running the very latest of PowerCADD, 9.1.10.  PowerCADD 9.1.10 requires a minimum System of 10.6.8 and works with systems through 10.14.6.  PowerCADD 9 is NOT compatible with Catalina.