Q: Does PowerCADD run on Mavericks Operating System?

A: In order to run on Mavericks, you must have PowerCADD 9.1.3.  If you are operating with earlier versions of PowerCADD 9, contact for update instructions.  If you are operating with version prior to PowerCADD 9, you must upgrade for compatibility.  Upgrades can be ordered from our Store.



Q: Our office is running a combinations of Operating Systems, from OS10.6.8 through OS10.9.3 and PowerCADD 9.  Which version of PC9 should we be running for systems earlier than 10.9.x.

A: You should all be running the very latest of PowerCADD, 9.1.3.  PowerCADD 9.1.3 requires a minimum Op System of 10.6.8 and works with systems through 10.9.x.