Cal Holcombe


Cal Holcombe is an architect in Richmond, Virginia. (804) 358-7637 [email protected]

At age 55, I made three great decisions. Up to that point, I had never touched a computer key, but I decided to try drawing using a computer, to purchase a Macintosh, and to purchase PowerDraw. Some of my architect friends who were familiar with computer drafting using AutoCAD tried to discourage me from attempting what they considered to be very difficult.

PowerDraw and subsequently PowerCADD/WildTools changed my life. In only 30 days, thanks to the Macintosh and PowerDraw, I was producing drawings on the computer faster and much better than with graphite and ink.

Today with PowerCADD and the amazing WildTools, I can draw anything and draw it damn fast, but more importantly, I now love to draw using these great tools.

Cal Holcombe