Ed Jaworski


Ed Jaworski is project manager with Eagle Iron Construction, Fontana, CA, one of the largest steel erectors on the West Coast. (909) 357-1171 [email protected] www.eagleiron.net

When I started my search for drawing software I lucked out big time when I discovered PowerCADD. I was even luckier when they told me about WildTools. As soon as I peeked at WildTools on the Engineered Software website and saw the steel shapes on the Nuts & Bolts palette, I was on the phone immediately placing my order. The company I work for is a steel erector, and I am constantly required to sketch drawings for pieces we need. I have to admit it’s a bit intimidating submitting my sketches when I look at the work other people have done with the same program, but this also demonstrates the versatility of this fine program.

There are two people in my office that use AutoCAD, and when they saw how easy and to the point PowerCADD is, their first question was ‘Do they make that for a PC?’ Uh, no.

Everything I need for the “on the fly” sketches I do is in WildTools, and I have to admit that the Nuts & Bolts palette in WildTools was the thing that sold me. Of course, the entire program is a beautiful thing, and I love to use it whenever I can. It’s almost like getting paid to play!

If you are in the steel business and are looking for CAD software, look no further, you’ve found it. If you have any questions about PowerCADD or WildTools, call me or email me, and I’ll be glad to help.

Ed Jaworski