Edward L. Groh


Edward L. Groh, 24 N. Broadway, Lebanon, Ohio 45036. (513) 934-0140 [email protected]

I began my career working on the drafting board with mylar and plastic lead. After a few years had passed and the Macintosh had evolved, the firm I was with purchased its first workstations. We quickly realized that CAD would replace the old methods of drawing production. We began using PowerDraw and WildTools for production of construction documents and presentations.

After 13 years of employment, I left the firm to form my own business. With PowerCADD and WildTools on my side, I knew I could be successful. This software allows me to explore design possibilities while working efficiently. It operates intuitively, almost the same as if you were sitting at a drafting board, although much more accurately and with many more drafting tools at your disposal.

Although I have little experience with other drafting software, it’s my honest opinion that PowerCADD and WildTools is the best 2D package available. It’s easy to learn, the price is right, and it’s fun!

Ed Groh