Q: I double click on a file and it does not open in PowerCADD. Sometimes the system gives a message that the application cannot be found.

A: Two possible answers.

1. If the file is a DXF text file or a DWG file received from another system it must be opened from within the application. You must start PowerCADD first and use open from the file menu. It just does not work any other way.

2. If the file is truly a file generated by PowerCadd then maybe the system has lost the way to find PowerCADD. Some will rebuild the desktop but maybe there is a less intrusive method to try first. Move the PowerCADD application to the desktop. Drag a PowerCADD file and drop it on top of the PowerCADD application Icon. The PowerCADD file should automatically open. Quit the application and move it back to the original position. Double click on the file and see if it can now find the PowerCADD application.


Q: We are looking into installing a CNC Machine Center in our workshop. We have tried unsuccessfully to save our PowerCADD files using the DXF translator to upload onto a CNC Machine Center PC.

A: There should be no difficulty exporting DXF files that where created in PowerCADD. To isolate any trouble, read the files into AutoCAD first. This is the test bed for DXF and DWG. Remember other applications can be prone to their own set of errors and idiosyncrasies in the incoming translation process.


Q: When I start PowerCADD I am getting -42 errors (too many files open ).

A: Apple’s operating system has a fixed number of files that can be open at any one time. This number according to Apple’s documentation is 342 files. When the Macintosh starts up under OS 8.5 normally you will have on average 170 open files, this includes active Extensions, Control Panels, Fonts, etc.

Open file requirements for PowerCADD are 4 files for PowerCADD, 1 for each Custom Tool Palette, 1 for the Spell Check external, and 3 for each External that is loaded. When running older Apple System Software PowerCADD requires 1 less file per external. We have loaded PowerCADD with OS 8.5 and the Apple standard Control panels and Extensions with no error.

Removing Control Panels, Extensions, Fonts, and using Loader in PowerCADD to prevent loading of unused Externals should help with the “too many files open” error.

If you are experiencing this error you may want to get a programmer friend to install MacsBug and check the number of open files.


Q: What is an unimplemented trap error and how to correct it?

A: An unimplemented trap basically means that the software tried to call a routine that wasn’t there. If this is happening during startup the most likely cause (though not the only possible cause) is a non-Apple extension/control panel that isn’t working quite right, or that expects a newer (or older) version of the OS than you are running. If the problem is reproducible (i.e. it happens every time you startup) you’re in luck; you can restart without extensions by holding down the shift key, then try removing any third-party extensions and control panels and adding them back in slowly, rebooting each time. When it starts crashing again, the last one you added in is probably the culprit.


Q: Why am I getting an Error -2806 message?

A: Externals from an earlier version in the XTNL folder will cause this error message.


Q: Error loading the Write JPEG external.

A: QuickTime 2.5 or later must be installed and active.


Q: When I install PowerCADD, I get a -193 system error.

A: This error is generated by some virus-checking software that should be disabled prior to installation.


Q: I get System or Out Of Memory errors when translating DXF or DWG documents.

A: Increase the memory allocation to PowerCADD.


Q: When printing I get Postscript errors.

A: Use Clear Special for extremely small objects.

A: Turn round pen off in the Print dialog.


Q: I just reinstalled my system. Now I get an Error -39 in PowerCADD.

A: The OS installer does not select a printer in the Chooser. Use the Chooser to setup a printer.