Fred Goodman


Fred Goodman, Goodman Design Associates, 153 University Road, Brookline, MA 02146 (617) 739-2310 [email protected]

In running my own mechanical design firm, I must quickly generate drawings for a variety of uses, from conceptual drawings to the isometric drawings used in assembly documentation. PowerCADD is so easy to use, yet it has all the horsepower I need to create accurate CAD drawings for the electro-mechanical hardware I specialize in. With PowerCADD, my design cycle was easily cut in half. In other words, I have time to do it right the first time.

While I constantly hear about the 3D capabilities of AutoCAD and CADKey, I have yet to see users of these packages regularly create isometric illustrations. The reason — it takes too long and the 3D illustrations look terrible. On the other hand, generating isometrics in PowerCADD is quick and easy thanks to the many dedicated isometric tools and the true Macintosh interface; it does not require me to be a CAD expert to get expert results.

PowerCADD does for CAD what the Mac did for computers. Thank you for a great program.

Fred Goodman

Fred Goodman and WildTools 3D

Fred is a machine designer who specializes in the the design of machines for automated assembly lines. As part of his work, he normally produces isometric assembly drawing so that the average factory worker can understand what part goes where and what they need to purchase if a part wears out. While Fred Goodman had been using PowerCADD and WildTools for a number of years, because of his expertise in isometric drawings he was intimately involved in the development of WildTools 3D, and thus can claim the distinction of having an entire tool palette designed just for him.