James Dixon

James Dixon

James Dixon is an architect in California. James Dixon, The Phelan Building, 760 Market Street, Suite 954, San Francisco, CA 94102. Telephone: (415) 984-0165, [email protected]  www.jdarchitect.com

One of the great pleasures of writing WildTools has been seeing the interesting things people create with PowerCADD and WildTools. But the most creative people are often highly reclusive, work alone, and reluctant to show off their work. So recently, as a condition of providing my SketchTools for open public testing and use, I resorted to a program of blackmail, bribery and arm-twisting. Yes!

James Dixon is one of my blackmailees, and after seeing his drawings, I only wish I had twisted his arm a bit more — there is a difference between shameless and guilt-free. Let’s hope we see more work from James.

Alfred Scott

There comes a time in every man’s life when he makes a wrong choice, and is powerless to correct it even as he carries out the deed. In my case it happened today when I said yes to Alfred Scott’s request for an entry into the Drawing Room. His honeyed words poured forth from the telephone like, well, honey, and I was subtly coerced into making this phenomenally bad decision to display some of my recent work. Blackmail is an ugly word for an ugly thing. Consider these drawings payment for new WildTools.

James Dixon


Madrone is a restaurant inspired and named for the distinctive and beautiful tree found only in coastal forests from California to Vancouver and would be a natural complement for a restaurant featuring regional cuisine, wine and spirits.