James Georgo


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Productivity, flexibility and simplicity have always been my top priorities in CAD drawing production. This is especially vital for a small enterprise. Over the years I have worked with a variety of CAD programs including AutoCAD and Microstation; however, none of them fully satisfied my requirements like PowerCADD with WildTools. In fact, I have been an enthusiastic user and fan of PowerCADD (PowerDraw) since 1995. In all these years I have observed the other predominant CAD platforms balloon into bloated behemoth programs that devour more and more computing resources with complex automation and modeling tools but have failed to develop more sophisticated and productive drafting and drawing tools. This is where PowerCADD with WildTools really shines….

The PowerCADD files shown here are some examples of a variety of residential and commercial projects spanning over many years. While my drawings are not real flashy nor have much ooooh factor, I feel they represent one of the most important (and shouldn’t be overlooked) factors of PowerCADD. From my perspective, one of the greatest strength is its ability to allow you crank out the day-to-day (not necessarily sexy) work without continually getting in your way with complexity and wayyy too many keystrokes. The kind of work that the vast majority of us small practitioners do to pays the bills….

James Georgo

J.S.G. Development Consultants, P.C.

I have been a practicing Civil Engineer in the Hampton Roads Virginia area for over 28 years, specializing in primarily land development, structural engineering, waterfront development, dredging projects and environmental permitting work. Over the years I have worked on a broad spectrum of projects including single and multifamily residential, retail, commercial and light industrial developments.  Waterfront and dredging projects have included community maintenance dredging, military installation dredging, commercial and residential marina development, bulkheads, stone revetments, piers and beach nourishment projects.  For most of my practice I have operated as a small business with at most a few employees. Presently, I operate as a sole practitioner.