Lu Matthews


Lu Matthews is a commercial artist in Richmond, Virginia

Since I switched from the drawing board and airbrush, I’ve worked almost entirely in Photoshop creating airbrush-style illustrations for advertising agencies and companies.

In the drawing you see here, I was commissioned by AMF Bowling to create an illustration that showed how a bowling alley is made. I needed to create precision linework as the basis for the drawing, so I created a line drawing in PowerCADD and then took this into Photoshop. At the time I did it, I actually printed the linework on film and then scanned this into Photoshop. Today I would just save the drawing in Illustrator format and import the paths into Photoshop and then stroke the paths.

The final illustration is 600 dpi and 18″ wide, and it’s a 94 MB file in Photoshop.

Lu Matthews

Lu Matthews is a long-time friend and associate of mine. He is one of the most talented airbrush artists on the east coast, and all of you have seen his work at some point. I first learned how to do isometric drawings from Lu when we were working on drawings for the Falco kits, and it was this experience that eventually translated into WildTools 3D.

Alfred Scott