Matt Arnold


Matthew Arnold is an architect in northern Virginia. [email protected]

We use PowerCADD with WildTools because we care about what we do, and these are the tools that give us the control we like to communicate our designs. These tools succeed to the extent that they stay out of the way between us and our work.

In our practice, we specialize in doing unique projects, as these samples show. PowerCADD is simple and robust enough to give us the broad-based drawing environment we need. WildTools provides a complete ‘swiss army knife’ feature set that makes working enjoyable. We’d be sunk without WildTools.

Using PowerCADD with WildTools, the question is no longer “What can you draw?” … the question is “What can you imagine?”

Matt Arnold

Matt Arnold and WildTools

Matt Arnold is gifted beyond description, and he has been an integral part of the development of WildTools. In the past few years he’s been my principal source of ideas on how to improve WildTools.  He used to do pen-and-ink drawings and when I was developing SketchTools, Matt beat a path to my door to explain what was needed. He’s been intimately involved in WildTools ever since.  Matt Arnold’s inquiring mind, sense of aesthetics, frustrations, passions and fertile mind are at the heart of the joy and fury of WildTools.  Favorite Line tools.  The watercolor trees in Trees & Shrubs.  The Shingle tool.  The men, women and children in the People tool.  Color choices.  The PowerCADD bull cartoons.  All have come from his gifted mind and talented hand.

Alfred Scott