Machinery Designers 2

Bearings – Dowel Pins – Drill Bushings – O-Ring Grooves – Retaining Rings – Taper Pin Holes/Taper Pin Heads, over 1200 symbols.

machinery 2

A “Must Have” For Machinery Designers
Take advantage of the tedious, complex work already done and sit back while immediately starting to ‘place’ symbols, rather than designing them.

The outside dimensional sizes of most MDL symbols are listed at the nominal dimensions given in commercial or ANSI standards. Symbols which are not, such as O-ring grooves, list what dimensions they are drawn to in the text note symbols included at the beginning of each group of like symbols.

The series of Bearings libraries covers common ABEC 5-7 precision bearing sizes from .0937 ID to .75 ID in plain and flanged bearings when available, and in none and double shielded/sealed variations. The Dowel Pin libraries cover 1/16″ to 1″ diameter ANSI standard dowel pins in the actual +.0002″ oversize diameters. The Drill Bushings library contains Plain press fit and Head type press fit drill bushing up to approximately 1″ ID size bushings. The O-ring Groove libraries give O-ring groove styles for plain, 1 and 2 backup ring grooves for the three most commonly used sections in four different application styles. The Retaining Ring symbols include libraries for standard internal and external retaining rings.