Yosemite/El Capitan Compatibility

PowerCADD, Yosemite and El Capitan

With Apple’s OSX Yosemite and El Capitan released, this is a good time to give you an update on PowerCADD, WildTools and compatibility with the new operating system versions.

Our advice for most users is to wait for our maintenance release of PowerCADD 9.1.4 before transitioning to Yosemite or El Capitan so that the program can be fully qualified and quickly updated if problems arise.

We now have an all-new website. It’s been long overdue, and we have many things planned for the future: the PowerCADD forum, news, updates, tutorials, and of course we are making big changes to the Drawing Room.  If you haven’t seen it yet, check into www.engsw.com often as we modernize and improve it.

All companies from Apple on down tend to be very quiet about their development activities, and everyone does this for the same reasons.  So while we have been quiet about what is going on in the programming, we have been working very hard.  Our principal focus has been on stability and to make the program as reliable as possible.  While it’s never possible to eliminate all problems, we have been making great progress on this and you can expect to see the reliability of PowerCADD steadily increase over time.

We are also working on making the program faster and streamlining the editing process so you can focus on your drawing with a smooth workflow and not think about the details.

We have been using Yosemite and El Capitan since the early betas, and both have been working smoothly with the current shipping version of PowerCADD.  Early adopters may choose to move to Yosemite and El Capitan right away, but it is always best to be cautious and give the new OS versions some time in the field before you make the move.

PowerCADD 9.1.4 has been in beta testing for a long time now.  All known Yosemite issues have been addressed.  Our early testing indicates there is no need for an additional El Capitan maintenance release.

Due to the nature of software development, we are not announcing a release date as it is dependent upon quality assurance testing, and there are always a lot of minor issues that show up like uninvited guests.  However, we are making serious progress in modernizing PowerCADD, and we are feeling very good about bringing PowerCADD up to date, current with the OS, and with blazing performance that can take advantage of Apple’s latest machines.

If you are presently using PowerCADD 9.1.3, you will be automatically notified by PowerCADD when 9.1.4 is available.

We are also quite busy with new features in PowerCADD and WildTools, but that is for another day and another version.

Some Issues

Click on the links above right for information on

PowerCADD Webstore

We have switched to a new e-commerce program, and we now have a new webstore that provides for digital downloads.  Please visit the PowerCADD webstore.

And you can also place an order by sending an email to sales@engsw.com

WildTools Development

If you can handle some good news, WildTools is back under open development.  There are many improvements, including

  • Instant cutting of bitmaps with the Knife, Freehand Knife and Trim with Object tools.
  • A new Eraser tool to use on bitmaps.
  • These bitmap tools now use Apple’s Core Image which uses all of the multiple processors and graphics cards on the computer. This is a first application of parallel processing in PowerCADD.
  • New Combine and Clip tools with a better interface that allow for chained operations for combining multiple objects in a series.
  • A new Import Shapefiles… in the File menu will allow you to import multiple ESRI Shapefiles in a single operation.  Shapefiles are GIS graphics files and are typically provided by government agencies to show streets, lakes, topo contours, etc.  Prior to this, it has been very difficult to get shapefiles into any CAD program.  See for yourself, and prepare to have your mind blown….

Any WildTools user can participate.  Find all this in WildTools Updates in the PowerCADD Help menu, or go direct to the WildTools Downloads page.

Next up is a way to exchange PowerCADD and SketchUp drawings, both ways, using an OpenClip Bridge program.