Randall T. Mudge


Randall T. Mudge is an landscape architect in Ojai, California. Second Nature Landscape Architecture, P.O. Box 1553, Ojai, CA 93024 805-448-2174. [email protected]

In the beginning there were 8-1/2″x 11″ details reproduced onto sticky backs and placed on sheets drawn with ink on mylar. This gave a crisp look to the detail sheets, but they were buried at the back of the set of drawings and were seldom seen except by contractors who gave enthusiastic support. “Hey, these are really easy to read.”

As CAD gained popularity, a client required a CAD-drawn set of documents. After tiling together that first set of construction drawings which was laser printed on letter sized sheets, a plotter was quickly purchased. It became clear then that CAD would become indispensable, and I never looked back. Multiple design options can be created without starting from scratch for each iteration. Designs can then evolve and be manipulated quickly and easily.

When I began using a color printer and plotter for presentation drawings, I was amazed at the response. A little color goes a long way in communicating ideas. Brian Huculak’s Color Portfolio provided a great deal of inspiration in further developing the use of color in drawings as did work exhibited by others in the Drawing Room.

Recent upgrades to the program have given me the ability to insert nearly any type of graphic into PowerCADD documents. Aerial photos are easily added as are hand-drawn sketches. Photographs of plants, garden amenities such as benches or fountains can become part of the drawing rather than having to create a separate booklet to accompany the design drawings. The client then has a much more user-friendly design package that helps communicate ideas which is really what the drawings are all about

How can I begin to describe the utility of the WildTools accessories? The term accessories is truly a misnomer as they are indispensable. The receptiveness and openness of their gifted creator, Alfred Scott, is one of the things that brings joy to the practice of my profession. His constant attention to his users and the community of users themselves have created a unique symbiosis that allows the tools to evolve in a manner that is exactly tailored to the needs of the users.

Randy Mudge