Q: How do I prevent a Tool Palette from loading?

A: Use Loader to deselect unwanted Tools.

Q: I’m having trouble setting a custom scale.

A: Use the formula “feet x 12 = scale” as described in the manual.

Q: I cannot draw a fillet with a radius of .01″.

A: The smallest radius of a fillet in PowerCADD is .03″ at 1 to 1 scale.

Q: How do I temporarily disable snapping to both Grid and Object?

A: Hold Command key while drawing.

Q: How do I transfer Default settings to another user in the office?

A: Custom Default settings are in the PowerCADD Defaults file. The other user needs a copy of your PowerCADD Defaults file. (Be very careful as defaults are version specific.)

Q: How do I change line weight for all of the tools at one time?

A: Place the cursor in the drawing and double-click to make sure no objects are selected. While pressing Shift, select the attributes you want to globally set for every tool

Q: How can I draw dimensions without an Auto Dimension number on the line?

A: Select Dimension defaults and replace ^DIM^ with a space or other text and the auto dimension number will not appear.

Q: The information in the Edit window is not the same as the dimension in the drawing.

A: The Edit Window keeps a much more accurate record of drawing information than the accuracy set in the Preferences menu. If you need the Edit Window to always display the same as the dimensions, under Preferences Misc make sure that the Display Accuracy Specified is checked.

Q: I am familiar with another drawing package and the menu key commands are different in PowerDraw

A: PowerDraw has under the Layout menu the capability to set a key command of your choice to almost anything in the program.