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Keynotes Change

Posted: Thu Feb 18, 2021 8:30 pm
by nametabb
Has anyone else noticed that the keynotes no longer let you use letters only numbers? The Edge Detail Keynote Tool now shows as a double circle where it was originally a single circle. I have found using letters in Keynotes useful and hope they return; and the double circle draws too much attention to itself on drawings.

All best, and safe drawing, Bill

I know others may groan over this but Alfred are you planning on paid release in the near future? It's been a long time and you have been working & releasing a lot lately?

Re: Keynotes Change

Posted: Fri Feb 19, 2021 5:02 pm
by Alfred Scott

These tools have been the same from the very beginning.

They were originally created by David Bernhardt in Washington, DC, to implement office standards. They were originally macros back when PowerDraw had an interpreted macro programming language.

Perhaps you are confusing these with the PowerCADD Notation tools.

At some point, a paid upgrade might be a good thing, but generally these are associated with new features and tools. I have a lot of tools that expired but they are all now back. At this point, pretty much everyone has WildTools. I like the idea of letting everyone use new things and then announce it's time to pay something. But for now I’m more interested in improving the software.


Re: Keynotes Change

Posted: Fri Feb 19, 2021 8:59 pm
by Derek

Take a look at the Balloon Text Tool. I think it will give you the options you are looking for.


Re: Keynotes Change

Posted: Sun Feb 21, 2021 10:28 pm
by nametabb

Thank you for the reminder. I was looking at the PC keynotes when I was actually in need of the Balloon text tool. A former favorite. I haven't had any projects in over a year where I needed it and mistook which tool I had used in the past. I wish I could blame Covid but think it has more to do with age and a rusty brain.

Thank you for the responses.