Off Topic -- File Transfer/Coordination Between Locations

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Off Topic -- File Transfer/Coordination Between Locations

Post by patrickm » Fri Aug 02, 2019 4:54 pm

(This isn't a PowerCADD question, so feel free to delete it if deemed inappropriate.)

I trust PowerCADD users because we generally think alike and work within similar bright shiny Apple-oriented worlds, so I thought I'd ask you all for some advice.

I am contemplating moving my home office out of my home into a remote office. If possible, I'd like to have access to all my files (PowerCADD, Pages, Numbers, Exel, Quicken, etc) from both home and office. Currently, they all reside on one computer (with weekly SuperDuper clones, BackBlaze backup, and Time Capsule base Time Machine backup). I am a one person office.

In the past, when I had a remote office, my life had a more distinct separation of church and state and the only consistent overlap was Quicken. I'd drag my Quicken data file to DropBox to transfer it back and forth between home and work. Nowadays, my home and work are less distinct and it would be nice to have access to everything from either place.

In the past, I've had no interest in storing my files on the cloud, but I now see it might be advantageous. I've used DropBox for single file transfers, but not for accessing all of my documents. My document folder is about 200GB, containing all my job and personal files dating back to 1998 or so.

Anybody have any tips or advice?


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Off Topic -- File Transfer/Coordination Between Locations

Post by kentkirk » Mon Aug 12, 2019 3:58 am

We have a 3 person office in two locations and we use dropbox, Had to go up the 1tb plan, but it works. With everyone putting everything up to Dropbox and with the dropbox app on the computer that puts a copy of everything on every computers we were running out of storage space on computer's. Dropbox recently updated some features that help out. Now you can designate what is on each computer and everything stays online.

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