Q: I’ve upgraded to PowerCADD 9.0 and my WildTools doesn’t work.

A: Upgrade to WildTools 10.

Q: How do I edit a bit image in PowerCADD.

A: Use the Pixel Palette tools.

Q: The text from my dimension line masks an object underneath.

A: Select the dimension line and change the fill to None.

Q: Walls created with the Parallel Line Tool will not accept door or window placement.

A: Doors and Windows may be placed between lines but not polygons.

Q: My Convert Outlines command won’t work on the selected text.

A: Convert to Outlines works on TrueType fonts.

Q: My Status / Overview / Edit / Tool Palette is lost.

A: The defaults file which can be found in the System – Preferences folder should be discarded.

Q: The Edit Command will not work on a particular text block.

A: Ungroup text block and edit will work.

Q: How do I delete a symbol from a library?

A: Select the symbol and use Command X (Cut).

Q: Where do I go to change the appearance of my dimension lines?

A: Click the Dimensions Button in the Preferences dialog.

Q: How do I send PowerCADD files electronically?

A: Compress the file and attach it to an e-mail document.

Q: I’m often working with clients or venders and I FAX them PowerCADD drawings. More and more of my clients have email and it would be wonderful if I could directly send them the same drawings via email.

A: All you should need to do is use something like Stuffit to compress the PowerCADD files and attach them to an email. The real key is to compress the files since the internet is notorious for stripping parts of native Macintosh files during transmission.

Q: I have downloaded the demo or update files from the web site and they do not work.

A: Use Stuffit Expander v 4.0.2 or later to decode.

Q: My subscribers are losing the line weights.

A: Publish and subscribe will support line weights of only one point or greater.

Q: How do I reset the Nudge amount?

A: Either in the Preferences dialog or the Status Window.

Q: I want to delete points from a Beziér curve, but the Delete key only removes points from one end. What’s the deal?

A: PowerCADD’s Beziér functions are quite powerful, but the power may not be obvious at first. Pressing the Option or Command keys while performing various operations, like clicking and dragging on control points, control rods, and segments provides incredible flexibility.

Specifically, to delete control points along a Beziér curve, press the Option key while clicking on an existing point. This works while creating a new curve or when reshaping an existing curve. For more information on creating and editing Beziérs, you may want to look at the section on “Beziér Curves” in the PowerCADD manual. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

Q: How can I interactively rotate an object about something other than its center?

A: After getting the rotate cursor hold the option key and the object will rotate around the mouse down location.