Machinery Designers 1

Hex Head Bolts – Cap & Set Screws – Machine Screws – Nuts, Washers & Combinations – Screw Ends & Threaded Holes, over 1,500 symbols.

Machinery Designer 1

A “Must Have” For Machinery Designers
Take advantage of the tedious, complex work already done and sit back while immediately starting to ‘place’ symbols, rather than designing them.

Stop the use of vague fastener and other component “sketches” which are incomplete, inaccurate, inconsistent and/or can be misinterpreted. Sizes are drawn accurately to .0001″ in most cases and are symmetrical about their centerlines (visible or not). Consistent abbreviations and directions for symbols for easier and quicker CAD user group recognition of symbols and how they are placed.

Eliminates dimensional and style confusion in component depictions in a group of CAD users by using consistent nominal dimensions. Simplifies a designer’s libraries and symbols while still having information available by having the most common variations and views of standard design components. Aides in drawing detailed machinery components with a wide variety of fasteners, clearance holes, countersinks, counter bores and threaded holes.

All symbols are vector images that can be edited. The symbols are based on ANSI dimensions and are generally based on the nominal or maximal nominal values set by ANSI standards.