What Users Say

I have a hard time imagining what it would be like to use PowerCADD without WildTools. There is so much more here than initially meets the eye. The manual is one of the best I have ever read.

Eugene A. Silva


I received WT on Friday or so … tried it this weekend … will name my first born after Alfred. 😉

WOW!! I am VERY impressed. I had NO idea these tools were soooooo cool … and (if I may get vulgar … which comes to me naturally) Alfred, Thank YOU … these really KICK ASS.

There must be some way of including WT with every PCadd purchase … nobody should get PCadd w/o WT … it should be banned … made illegal or something. I had no idea I needed them until I started using them. These tools sure make a difference.

BTW … loved the manual … light and easy to read, as manuals should be….

Ted Sassi

Prior to getting WildTools, Ted Sassi had spent several days pestering Engineered Software to sell him only Squiggle, because that’s all he wanted, and he didn’t want all the rest of WildTools!


WildTools is the heart and soul of PowerCADD. These tools allow me to do things I only dreamed about a few months ago. Any three or four of these 100+ tools are more than worth the price.

Cal Holcombe


…one of the most incredible boosts to user-friendliness and productivity around.

Robert Meckfessel


WildTools is welcome after years of frustration with other developers who don’t seem to understand what we want.

Joe Burke
Architect & CAD Manager


Awesome! Thank you for giving us the best set of drafting tools around.

Kevin E. Craft
CAD Manager


I can’t imagine drawing without WildTools. They allow me to draw the way I want to, and for the first time ever, the computer is not getting in my way. My increase in productivity is astonishing.

Robert E. Payne


The PCADD software, WildTools etc. are incredible. A structural engineer I’ve done some work for was impressed with the speed I returned his drawings for markups. Great software. Thank you.

Dale Cose


Bravo! I am a 7-year AutoCAD veteran who just switched over to the Mac and PowerCADD. WildTools has made it considerably more fun and productive.

Elias J. Torre


As a seasoned user of PowerCADD, I can attest that WildTools are as valuable to me as PowerCADD itself. All serious PowerCADD users will find WildTools a necessity.

Frank Christensen
Christen Industries


Thank you for your work in making this a wonderful program. I can’t think of a single other program that is this easy to use!

Ralph Richards
Richards, Fowkes & Co.


Thanks for you interest and dedication to PowerCADD. It has given me many opportunities to brag to my friends who use AutoCAD. More important, I have been able to produce quality work quickly.

Dan White


I am an architect and as such have my own style and requirements. I am a convert from AutoCAD R12, thanks to my work associate who is a dyed-in-the-wood Mac-man. After 15 years on an IBM platform, I bought a Mac and PowerCADD/WildTools last summer and have not regretted it one bit. Quite the contrary, it has been a blast, and I have found a renewed interest in drafting.

Jim Lacy


It should be against the law for anyone to purchase PowerCADD without buying WildTools. I started out with ClarisCAD and went to PowerCADD when they stopped supporting that program. I always felt like PowerCADD was disorganized and lacking in some of the smart tools that were in ClarisCAD. Not anymore. You left the competition in the dust. Thank you very much for the thoughtful arrangement and all the super power that you have given to the program.

Peter Kramer
Furniture Designer


I can’t explain why I waited so long to get WildTools. ‘Money’, sometimes, not always impressed by the blurbs. Then people kept telling me about it.

Well I got it today. I could just cry. I thought I was a veteran PowerDraw user (and in hours I am). This is like a new world, but one I can find my way in already. Just the ‘simplest’ tools (finger, etc.) and the snappy and draftsmanlike feel of them almost brings tears to my eyes and a smile, too. All the hours I wasted… and all the hours I’m going to spend playing with WildTools instead of going home…. Thanks,

Peter Bacot
Sonoma Drafting Service


WildTools is to drafting what Photoshop is to photography–a bottomless pit of features that puts enormous power in the hands of the user. These are stunning tools, brilliant in conception yet embarrassingly easy to use. Spend a day with WildTools, and you’ll be hooked. Spend a week, and you’ll be in love. Spend a month and you’ll forget you’re drawing on a computer — they’re that good. Finally, someone got it right.

Jack Amos
Graphic Designer


WildTools takes an already elegant framework and multiplies the power, elegance, and efficiency of PowerCADD geometrically.

Michael Wolfe


I love WildTools.

Patrick Warren
CanAm Steel


The combination of PowerCADD & WildTools boggles the mind. My favorite software.

Dale Cose


Thank goodness you not only draw but are a genius. Thank you for the wonderful attributes you have given PowerDraw and PowerCADD.

We have been designing food facility operations for about 36 years and if someone told me I was going to have to draw by hand I would go find a real job.

We continue to laugh when we produce drawings as there are things thanks to you and the Stanleys we can do no one else can even touch. I was never been able to completely master PowerDraw not with PowerCADD and the fourth version of your tool set forget it, however we will keep trying.

Please keep developing. There were things I saw on the announcement for WildTools 4.0 that I could hardly wait to get my hands on but it will probably be about the time you get to 5.0 I will do more than scratch the surface.

Because of the proliferation of a certain other very structured computer aided design programs we have to live in two worlds. There is no comparison between the WildTools version of PowerCADD and anything else we have tried.

Thanks again for keeping it fun.

Allan King
[email protected]


I am an engineer and have been using PowerCADD for the last 10 months. I love it. It is extremely user friendly. You can even learn how to use it without using the manual. I did.

I used to be an AutoCAD user since version #2, now they have version 14 and still not as good as PowerCADD. Talk about more complex and over-engineered. I got so fed up with updating year in and out that I switched to PowerCADD 10 months ago. PowerCADD allows me to be more creative and more importantly productive at my job, daily.

I learned PowerCADD in 10 days without any teacher or manual. On the other hand, it took me one semester in college and $9.95 + tax for a stupid, poorly written book called “AutoCAD for dummies” to learn AutoCAD.

There is no doubt that PowerCADD is superior and so easy to use. I guarantee that your productivity will double if you use PowerCADD.

Anyway, I am a designer, and I like to take advantage of any new technological CAD software out there in other to stay ahead of the competition. Absolutely, PowerCADD is a better software for now, but all AutoCAD losers don’t have to take my words for it. Try it yourselves. Remember, I am ahead of the competition for now because I use the right tools (WildTools and PowerCADD). Sorry! I left AutoCAD in the dust.

Ben C
[email protected]

Ordinarily, we like to give you the user’s full name, but Ben was reticent. In fact, when I asked him for his last name, he flamed me and said “You must be one of those AutoCAD dudes.” Don’t you love it!—Alfred Scott


Let’s face it: WildTools is probably the greatest assortment of cool tools ever assembled.

Steve Mouzon


I don’t know what I’d do without WildTools, so, thank you for all the fantastic work that you’ve done. I’ve been a PowerDraw/PowerCADD architect since if first came out 12 years ago, but WildTools has easily been the most significant other piece of software in my huge list of applications (some 223 programs)

Ron Hexum


Without a doubt, the most comprehensive set of 2D drawing tools I have ever seen, let alone imagine!

Fred Johnson


NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING is like PowerCADD with WildTools, an extension of PowerCADD, as a CAD platform.

John DeFazio


In our company, the engineers all draft their own designs, but I find that using PowerCADD and WildTools is so fun that I actually enjoy drafting more than designing.

Anders Sjogren
Structural Engineer


You must be some kind of freaking genius. Thanks for giving us the greatest tools in the world.

Mark Walker Rhodes
Patent Illustrator


I absolutely love the tree and shrub tools.

Joyce Weise