Q: My fills do not translate properly from PowerCADD into Illustrator.

A: Use gray or color fills. Alternately use hatches instead of bit image fills.

Q: I’m having trouble opening a DXF / DWG file across our network.

A: Copy the file to your local hard drive before attempting translation.

Q: I have a DXF file that does not show in my open dialog.

A: First check to see if the DXF file will open in a word processor of some type. The DXF files need to be ASCII (plain text) files which should open into a word processor and be readable text. If not then the DXF file is not of the correct type.

Q: I open a DXF file and the processes seem normal. When the drawing opens I have nothing on the page.

A: Open the file again and check that you get a scale dialog and not a page size dialog. This could be an indication of many things. The best option here may be to get another copy of the DXF file and be sure to specify that we need an ASCII DXF file.