PowerCADD & AutoDesSys, Inc. join forces

Dear PowerCADD Users,

Today, I have some exciting news about PowerCADD’s future. Engineered Software and AutoDesSys, Inc, (the maker of the form•Z 3D design modeler) are joining forces to develop the next generation of PowerCADD. 

This partnership brings additional development, technical support resources and expertise, and a 3D connection to the PowerCADD product line and will add powerful 2D drawing capabilities to the form•Z product line. We share a vision of a drawing tool with classic PowerCADD capabilities using a modern approach that will take it well into the future. 

In this partnership I will be focusing on development, returning to a role I have cherished since the early days of PowerCADD. Work on this exciting new PowerCADD is already underway. Please bear with us through this process. We look forward to sharing details along the way and we hope to launch the new PowerCADD by the end of next summer.

We look forward to sharing more details on the partnership in the coming weeks including operational details regarding sales and technical support. 


Todd Stanley
Engineered Software