Landscape Library


Deciduous Trees, Elevation Views, Plan Views, Rock Gardens, Common Listings, Family Listings, Scientific Listing, Category Text Labels, Design Text Labels

Don’t reinvent the wheel, or the trees, shrubs and bushes!

The Landscape Library is a set of the most complete and useful libraries for architecture and landscape architecture presentation. Available exclusively in PowerCADD format.

Graphics libraries contain plan and elevation views of trees and shrubs, as well as rock garden symbols. Included are two diskettes, with over 82 libraries, along with complete pictorial documentation of every element. Dictionaries are also included, cross-referencing, scientific, family, and common names.

Included is more than graphics. Hundreds of landscape names are provided as text label symbols and organized in a manner to assist selection. These names are included alphabetically and cross referenced by dictionaries of common, family and scientific listings. Or find a plant material name by category – trees, shrubs, ground covers, vines, and hedges. Or even find your label in the Design Libraries for fall brilliance or ground covers for moist soil.