Q: How do I import formatted text into PowerCADD?

A: Import the text as a PICT file or use the copy picture feature in Excel or Word.

Q: PowerDraw 6.0 will not open PowerCADD 4.0 files.

A: Save PowerCADD 4.0 as a PowerDraw 6 document.

Q: All of my PowerCADD 3.0 documents show up as DXF documents.

A: Reinstall the PowerCADD application only. Then do a Custom Install and rebuild the Desktop.

Q: How do I open a PowerDraw 3 (or older) file in PowerCADD 3.0?

A: The PowerDraw Stand-Alone Translator will open older PowerDraw files.

Q: Subscribing to a Microsoft Word document only shows one page.

A: Word only outputs one page in a publisher.