PowerCADD 9.1.11 Update

Breaking news: PowerCADD & AutoDesSys, Inc. join forces


PowerCADD 9.1.11, Build TA30

PowerCADD 9.1.11 Update (.dmg)

PowerCADD 9.1.11 Expert Update (.dmg) *Includes WildTools*

Optional downloads for licensees

PowerClip Update (for In2Space)

Topography Tools 9.0.8 Update

Architectural Extension 9.0.8 Update


All updates require valid licenses. After updating, you may be required to enter your installation codes. Please have them available at the time of the update.

PowerCADD is compatible with macOS 10.6.8 – 10.14.  PowerCADD is not compatible with Catalina or Big Sur.

Important: When copying the PowerCADD folder, if prompted to “Merge” or “Replace”, choose “Replace”.