Q: Fonts are different on different computers in our office.

A: The following is a quote from Apple’s documentation concerning text fonts.

“A problem is that one font family may have different Ids on different computer systems, so that when the application opens the document using this font family on a different computer system, it can’t find the proper font, even though it is available, and substitutes another.”

One method of correcting this issue is to copy the Fonts folder from one machine to all of the machines that will be using the drawings. An exact copy of the Fonts folder is necessary for the fonts to be mapped correctly.



Q: I am having a problem crashing when using certain fonts.

A:  Sounds as if you might have some bad fonts. You should locate FontBook (an Apple Utility) and validate all of your fonts.  Discard, throw away or take the appropriate action on fonts that do not pass the validation test.  Throw away duplicate fonts.  Validating fonts may also repaid some minor font issues.  The process should take about 5 minutes and should be done on all computers.