Patrick Douglas


Patrick Douglas is the Structural Designer/Drafter in Norway, Maine.

Shortly after I received my Associates Degree in Architectural and Civil Engineering, I was enthused to find a job as a drafter for a small engineering firm in my home state. Much to my surprise, they were not using AutoCAD (which I had been trained for) and were not even using PC’s. PowerCADD was the game, and Mac’s were the gameboard. I thought I’d never get over the hump of learning both a new operating system and a CAD system. I was wrong.

PowerCADD is very intuitive and took no time at all to learn. What makes PowerCADD easier, more productive, and an all around better CAD program is WildTools. Alfred Scott … You The Man! This guy seems to have a tool for almost anything.

I work for two structural engineers and my work load can get quite heavy at times. What allows me to work quickly is PowerCADD. With the slowness of data entry and editing nightmares of other CAD systems, I would never be able to complete the many projects I may have on my plate at one time. Of course, the CAD system doesn’t do it all — I play a big part in it, too! I pride myself in creating accurate, easy-to-read drawings, and PowerCADD helps me to do that. Just try this software out, you’ll appreciate what it can do for you.

Patrick Douglas